Be the mother of my children
Reflect what it left from the sun
I just ask you the perfection
I swear faith's the only reason
You'll be the voices in my head that'll guide me through darkened paths
Why can't I ask for perfection? I'll show you how devotion is

Tthe dogs are crying to the moon
They bark until their throats repell blood
they're howling for it's seeds to drop
They feed themselves from it in silence
Once their time has come, they go back sleeping on the cold stairs of the church
And then as they are all dreaming, plants come out and grow from their stomics

Be the mother of my children
Be the leader of my army
Be the bringer of my faith
Be the bearer of the snakes
Be the reason for my devotion
Be the power that fuels me
Be the ribs around my organs
Be the bearer of the snakes


from EEEGIILMNPUUX, released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


AABEEGNOOSST Montreal, Québec

The musical project of Éric McGinnis.

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